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Dive headfirst into the heartbeat of Singapore’s underground music at The Council, a hidden gem pulsating with raw energy and infectious beats.

Since its grand opening in May 2016, the party hub has been nestled in Boat Quay, a commercial and historic area south of the city. Hiding in plain sight, The Council thrives not on ostentation but an unyielding dedication to authentic underground music.

From the outside, this refuge for rhythm might seem like just another brick in the wall, but those who dare to step inside know it's far more than meets the eye.

The narrow, red-lit staircase gives you a taste of the rebellious spirit that resides within, luring you into a realm where the familiar is forsaken for the thrill of the unique.

Behind its modest exterior, The Council Singapore unveils an industrial tapestry dotted with quirky touches - a bar that fuels the night, an old-school Donkey Kong arcade machine for nostalgia, and, the pièce de résistance, a cage that's seen the likes of Gerd Janson and Peggy Gou grace its presence.
This no-frills establishment takes a deep dive into the realms of house, techno, and disco, creating an eclectic soundscape that has earned the loyalty of both homegrown and international audiences.

You won’t find posers or pretenders in this Singapore music sanctuary. It draws in a kaleidoscope of characters bound by their love for music’s transformative power - from curious explorers to underground music aficionados.

The Council Singapore is not your average after-dark experience - it’s home for the brave, the bold, and the beat-loving.

Here’s everything you need to know about The Council Singapore.

The Council is Singapore’s epicenter for all things underground

Founded by Eileen Chan and Clement Chin, The Council was a dream materialized from a vision of creating a unique music sanctuary - a retreat from the glitzy, mainstream, champagne-riddled club culture that dominated the city. It was to be a haven for pure, unabashed musical expression, a meeting ground for the unconventional and the experimental.

But The Council’s ethos wasn't just confined to its physical boundaries. The same spirit of bold experimentation led them to transform streets into dance floors, shop houses into dancehalls, and open-air car parks into pulsating party grounds.